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Step 1: Upload at least one picture to your profile.

Profiles without at least one picture will be deleted within 12 hours, so it’s important you do that NOW. If you have trouble loading a picture (and that happens sometimes) – email it to us at


Step 2: Load at least 10 more pics to your profile or pay $9.95

To activate your profile and start earning money you can either:

  • have at least 10 pictures of you on your profile, or
  • pay the $9.95 registration 6-month fee. You can pay at our store 

If you have trouble uploading pictures to your profile, email them to


Step 3: Decide if you want any profile upgrades

To make your profile more visible and potentially attract more clients you can grab a feature spot or become a premium escort.


Feature spots are the profiles that appear at the very top of the site. Feature spots are a great way to get noticed or to advertise a special rate or service.

To get a feature spot costs just $4.95 a month – you can pay at our store


Premium escorts have their own permanent space on the home page, and appear first in any searches, or when a client chooses to see escorts from a particular location. Premium escorts usually get more business because clients know you’re more serious about escorting and are more likely to give good service. It’s like a stamp of approval.

You can become a premium escort by either:

  • having 16 picture on your profile, or
  • paying $29.95 for 6 months – pay at our store


NOTE: All pictures on the website must be of you but you don’t have to show your face. If we’re in any doubt the pictures are of you, we won’t activate your listing.


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